Guitar Serial Number Verification

Serial Number Verification by determining the correct year and the associated manufacturing details of your guitar is a primary factor in achieving the best price for your instrument.

Our development team at GTI have been working on developing an historical database of as many manufacturers serial numbers as possible, in order to create a look up table for guitars and musical instruments generally.

Our efforts to date include the key players, Fender, Gibson and Gretsh together with Rickenbacker.

As this is an ongoing project for our development team any feedback or suggestions, or corrections are most welcome as we try to work through the many serial number variances adopted by the popular guitar manufacturers, in order to provide both an accurate and historical resource for guitar players worldwide.

We appreciate it will take some time to develop this resource to its full potential however our team are consistently working on all this. So please send your suggestions, recommendations or corrections directly to our development team at the following email address:

Guitar Serial Number Verification